Operating out of Europe, SEHBO is an International marketing company that works with EastAsian entrepreneurs to find buyers: and works with buyers to create new products in EastAsia.   These producers must meet SEHBO’s criteria of using natural materials, have sustainable production processes and activities that recycle materials and waste.

Products SEHBO showcases are:

  1. Traditional Himalayan Products
  2. Raw Materials: from the Himalayan region
  3. SEHBO Brand: branded Himalayan products [read more…]
Consulting SEHBO provides:
  1. New Product Development: SEHBO has producers in Nepal, India and Bhutan to help global buyers find raw materials.
  2. Sourcing: SEHBO uses its Network to link the international buyer to the materials and products they require.

SEHBO was created to support the development of small East Asian companies.    Improving production processes, using quality packaging packaging and labeling and implementing quality controls, SEHBO helps accredited producers sell more products.

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SEHBO’s Founder


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