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We appreciate your interest in our natural bone and horn buttons.    These buttons are made by hand.  What does this mean?  It means that the we collect the bones and horns from the discarded buffalo that use used for celebratory meat in Kathmandu.  The bones and horn are dried and then cut.  They are cut much like you would cut a tree into planks.  Next there is a large punch that is pulled with a lever to cut the circle that is the button.  There different size dyes to get 1 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm buttons.    Then with dental tools and small hand drills they shaped into the buttons.  Also pieces are cut and glued together to make different style.  Each of SEHBO Buttons are pieces of art.    The Button makers are artists!

I was a professor full time in Nepal and now I teach two times a year and am based in Berlin.  By teaching, I am privileged to meet young people that have skills and want to start businesses. I set up SEHBO in 2009 after working on and off in Nepal for 30 years in order to promote Nepali handicrafts but not the traditional ones.  I search for the artistic and the new and the young entrepreneurs that want to grow their companies.   Then internationally,  through SEHBO, I look for designers and buyers that wish to scale up their business with overseas small scale production.

SEHBO Buttons are made my a traditional horn and bone carving family.  The sons and cousins and mother and father all work together to make Shaliee Crafts a family business and they would like to have their buttons used by ethical designers that are interested in traditional handicrafts, using locally available raw materials and want a natural product using fine hand skills.    Anyone that knows Nepal, is aware that because the political instability of the country tons of young men leave everyday as there is no work.  SEHBO Buttons is promoting these Shailee Crafts to create more jobs so the young can stay in their own country.

If you are in position to use buttons in your designs be it in garments, knitting, crafts no order is too small (maybe too big) but I would be happy to talk to you and explore your needs.

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Deborah Koehler

Kathmandu, Nepal and Berlin, Germany

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